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    When i connect to the web or try to pull email it starts the data connection to cingular's 3G /EDGE network....BUT when im done it doesn't disconnect itself and stays on. This of course drains the battery SUPER fast...a full charge is gone by lunchtime.

    I waited forever to get a treo without that damn external antenna and dont want to give it up but i cant effective use pull/push email if it doesn't disconnect by itself when exiting the browser, email.

    any suggestions or comments

    PS. this is my first post anywhere so please be kind to any mistakes made =)
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    This is common. Some people on the forums think that when you connect and leave the phone in the data transmit mode, you only use the battery when you are sending or receiving emails, texts or browsing.

    If you are using push email, the device connects to the server to check for mail, then pings the server at intervals set by the user. If you check for email manually, you can shut off the data transfer until you need it again, saving battery life.

    Some devices like the 8525 seem to have a better battery life with push mail. It could be a firmware problem with Palm's radio in the device. Although, It is hard to figure this because the two devices are made by the same company, HTC. Maybe a cheaper part for Palm? May also be a driver issue.

    I have heard of a third party software that is supposed to shut off the connection when not in use for a preset period of time. I can't remember the name, but it was posted as a reply to a thread in this forum within the last few weeks.

    I am sorry I could not be more help on the name, maybe someone else will come along and know/remember it.

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