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    Ok new here and have had my treo for about 4 months. I use PCS Biz Con for my email for my work. When I had it installed the first time I kept getting the garbled 9067 text message right before an email would come in, somehow someone fixed this for me and it stopped. We just converted our work email over to exchange and stupidly I deleted the Biz connect from my phone so had to have it re-installed and low and behold now I am getting the text message again. I cannot deal with it anymore- I am deleting all day long...any help would be GREATLY appreciated on how to get it to stop!!!
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    Go to this web site and unregister your phone number from biz connect....

    Or remove the biz connect software from your PC.
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    thanks for your response but I cant get rid of PCS biz connect - only way to get work email- any other suggestions?????

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