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    Sorry for the NEWBIE question here on the 700WX, but I'm switching phones in April from the 650. Looks to me like the 700WX is my next choice, but since I'm new to WM5, I thought I'd ask for your advice.

    Somwhere I've read that there is a firmware fix coming. Should I wait for that or go ahead in April?

    I'm in sales and drive a lot and see a lot of stores that I cover. I'm looking at the Jawbone for the BT headset.

    Also, wondering about "essential" software to ad.

    Thanks in advance.

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    So what I'm wondering is "should I wait until more is learned about WM6 release for Verizon and the 700WX?" Hate to spend the money and have a new operating system be just months away.

    Also, anyone out there running a good tuning program to chromatically tune instruments? How about a good metronome? Good recording program for the 700WX?

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    As far as I know, there is no (confirmed) firmware update coming for any device. All I know is that supposedly, there will be a device to replace the 700p, currently codenamed Sherlock. Otherwise, assuming there is a rom update, I'm sure it wouldn't really make a difference if you bought one now, or bought it after the update came out, as the update could be applied to any pre-update device.
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    if you had to wait until april... i would say hold off a couple more months. knew i january about the may release of the 755 (sherlock). with wm6 just around the conner i would like to see what comes out this summer. i would say by april maybe late april we should here of other devices as well. if you dont have to have the lateset and greatest then i think the wx is fine.

    i would suggest ditching version and saving money and get a sprint sero plan. you could save hundreds of dollars a year. maybe a new phone sooner next time.

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