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    I got tired of waiting for the default Palm page to load, and also the annoying thing where you think it's loaded, so you try and type in an address at the top, and it switches back to the google search box half way thru loading. Pluus i never click anything from the Palm page anyway, and it slows down getting to the favorites page.

    So, I yanked out the old HTML editor and threw together a custom home page. Included a weather map, streaming media links (instead of a playlist in WMP), and shortcuts to various search engines. It loads MUCH faster, and now there's no need to go thru a couple of clicks/waiting to get to the favorites.

    Here's a screen cap' plus the HTML source (minus a few personalized links). TC would only allow .txt attachments, so just re-name the extension to .html and slap it on your SD card, then direct PIE to it.
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    Dude, it's simple. Just change your homepage to whatever you want.
    I have mine set to Yahoo!'s wap site.
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    You created a nice one and I'll take a look at your HTML. I created one once and stopped using it. I hate that google line aspect of the default page as well. I usually hit the left soft key twice to stop the loading and go to favorites anyway.

    portalPPC +Startpage was nice until some of the links stopped working. Way back when I used VZW Wireless Sync, I pointed to the personalized page it created.

    There are a few decent portals out there for handhelds and I like
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    I prefer about:blank myself
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo View Post
    I prefer about:blank myself
    Same here.
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    PSB, that's excellent. I have been meaning to put something similar to yours together for quite some time, just haven't gotten around to it. The Palm one is annoying but occasionally useful. Thanks for sharing.

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