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    I would love to sign up for one of these plans but I am a current customer and I need to add a new line of service to do so. Does anyone know if an Internet card counts as a "new line"?

    Thanks all!
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    You can't give a card a phone plan... I think you'd have better luck just calling sprint numerous times and playing dumb. "My friend has this plan and I would like to get it too". I was able to get it after only two calls, but that was a year ago...
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    Internet cards are available on the sero website. So yes they would count.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bwillet View Post
    I think you'd have better luck just calling sprint numerous times and playing dumb.

    As funky as it may sound this may be your best bet as a current customer.
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    Could anyone be so kind as to PM me an email address to use??
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    on the web just use it's open to anyone.
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    Could anyone help me out with a PM or email with a valid email to take advantage of this offer??
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    Why don't you just use the email i posted above your post? The easiest way to get sero is to go through their website... and use the address I posted.
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    I used the same holiday address to get my Treo.
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    I just tried the "holiday" address on the site and it said that it was invalid.
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    you've got mail
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    Quote Originally Posted by scooter_in_wi View Post
    I just tried the "holiday" address on the site and it said that it was invalid.
    Sorry I mistyped it... should be
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    I also asked Sprint the same question to see what type of response that I would get back:

    Thank you for contacting us about the Sprint Employee Referral Offer.

    New Sprint customers are eligible for all SERO offers and are also eligible to port their phone number from their existing wireless carrier over to Sprint.

    Current Sprint customers are eligible for SERO offers only if they are opening a NEW Sprint account or establishing a new line of service. Sprint customers cannot convert an existing Sprint account to a SERO offer or port an existing Sprint phone number to a SERO offer.. Early Termination Fees are applicable for Sprint accounts under a contract period.

    Sprint Employees who are currently employee-liable and receive the 25 percent discount are eligible to swap their plan by calling the Employee Accounts Group at (888) 876 8381.

    SERO offers are only available for phones that are also purchased through the SERO website at the point of sale. Phones that are not offered on the SERO website or previously owned phones cannot subscribe to a SERO offer. Please visit for a detailed listing of phones, including prices and features, available through the SERO Program. The prices are subject to change and cannot be combined with any other discounts or rebates.

    We do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further assistance.


    Jay Mate
    SERO Program
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    Yeah that's what they say but it depends on the CSR you speak with on the phone. I was at the end of my contract and called to check my contract - end date. When you request that you will automatically get transferred to a retentions csr and they will help you out if you get the right one. I got my existing account changed to sero and bought a new phone at a store. I was able to keep my same number as well so everything that was said in that email response is not exactly true. IT CAN BE DONE because I have it.

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