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    Does anyone know how to get the Voicemail | 1 icon off the today screen?

    I want to keep the plugin on the today screen as I use the photo part of it for speed dial, but I want to get the voicemail one off. There was another one that I was able to delete, but it seems that palm wants us to keep the voicemail one on there if we use the speed dial feature. I go to setup and try to delete it, but it says it can not be deleted.

    see attached file to show example.

    Thanks for the help/hack.
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    Someone on here, I believe had a solution. I tried it on mine and it gets rid of the button, but adds a picture.

    What I did first was to create a contact for the speed dial in the contacts list. I then took a picture of something that would remind me that it was for voicemail. I linked the picture with the voicemail contact.

    Then I went into the speed dial options and highlighted the voice mail button and tapped the menu button. Then I tapped edit. The options for the voicemail contact should come up. In the top box, where it says link to contact, click on it and browse in the new window to the contact that you set up earlier for the voicemail. It will then say what ever you named the contact in the link box and the label box.

    Then you will see 2 radio buttons for text speed dial and picture speed dial. Click on the picture speed dial and the picture will brighten up and a box will pop up telling you that the speed dial will be converted to a picture speed dial.

    Tap OK twice and on the today screen, you should no longer have a button, but a picture for the voicemail speed dial.

    If you want to delete it all together, I have not seen a way. I even went into the registry and changed the setting that allows it to be deleted, but I couldn't get it to delete.

    As I said before, somebody else thought this up, I tried it and it worked for me.
    Hope this helps

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