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    What is everyone doing about insurance on their 750?

    I recently converted from Sprint who offered insurance on my 700wx to Cingular 750 to have GSM capabilities and now don't have an option to insure via my carrier.
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    Just take care very good care of your phone. Thats all I can say.
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    Cingular does not offer insurance for the high-end PDA phones. Phone insurance is a rip-off anyway as you will get a refurb, plus there's a $50 deductible. I've been with Cingular for 8 years and never had insurance, so I've been saving a lot.
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    I have a rider on my homeowners insurance that covers my PC. According to the policy service people at my insurance company because my Treo runs on a Windows operating system it will be covered if stolen. I have no idea why the Windows operating system qualifies it but for some reason it does. This would only be for theft or loss which would require a police report most likely but at least it is good to know.

    This probably works on renters insurance too.
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