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    I needed to change shortcuts to ScriptIcons.dll
    My bust sorry to all.
    We are good to go now

    We have 1 cab located in zip.That one cab has all you need for led alert
    No need for,Full mortscript or ledup sepert install.
    It,s all in one

    Tap new nled icon to turn off and on led alert.It,s that simple.

    Recommend install on device.It take little to no space.

    Phil C
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    I'm currently working on led alert choice interface .I will have it finished in a couple days
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    very nice slingbox. that was a short break from writing scripts you took. lol.

    you guys never stop do you.
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    Mortscript hooked.It's all hannips fault
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    I hope you don't blame me when your girlfriend kicks you out for not paying her any attention due to your addiction to MortScript.
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    lol hmmm Mortscript Anonymous may be needed then.
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    Sling, couple of things on this cab.
    1) Need to change iconVersReq from 3 to 4 in the install script to make sure the new MortIcons.exe gets copied to \Windows if the user has version 3 installed.

    2) Need to install NLED.mscr to \Windows\Startup.

    3) The install script should prompt the user to reset to start NLED as the last step. Example:

    Answer = Question( "A soft reset is required to complete the installation.",\
         "installer", "YesNo" )
    If ( Answer = YES )   
    4) It's missing the shortcut "TREO NLED2.lnk" to be used if installed to the storage card.
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    Point 1) on it.
    Point 2) I have added nled shortcut to widows startup.
    Point 3) I never knew it.
    Point 4) hmm I only wanted one shortcut but will add for you in up coming version.

    Im going to tie a Callscript into TREO NLED.mscr To start NLED.mscr
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    I like to install to storage card when possible. Appreciate it.

    On point 2, install NLED.mscr itself to \Windows\Startup so there aren't any issues with a shortcut to the storage card since it's called on startup.
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    lol..Got you covered
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    Thanks sling, works great!

    Although I just thought of something. NLED.mscr uses the shared MortScript install unlike the shortcut with the icon. If we want it to truely be a self contained install we'd have to change it to be a special shortcut like the icon ones where it has MortScript.exe from the installDir call the script. And then it would also be required to be installed only on the device storage.

    The choice is yours.
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    Thanks hannip.
    Them darn drag out's
    Phil C
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    Updated Nled Cab
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    Good job
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    Something very interesting just happened to my treo.I did a hardreset to get some major clean up.I then download the nled cab and give my wx a text message test.The message comes in and with led blink...Orange led blink.It blinked orange till I cleared it 5 min later...What the heck happened????
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    Did you get a reg snapshot of it when it was happening? You may be the first treo user to see an orange led blink.
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    It kind of freaked me
    As you know Ive been looking for red/orange blink and it sneaks up on
    Ledup short circuit
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    Hey Sling,
    Don't know what happened did a soft reset and lost the icon for nled. Uninstalled and reinstalled still no icon just shows the script picture. Have the icons for treo keylight and treo vibe just this one is gone and can't get it back. Any ideas? Using mortscript 4.0 final.
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    Go into the treo keylight folder located in program files.Tap the mortscript.exe icon.
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    Kinger2 thanks for speaken up my friend.New cab download posted version 1.4.

    Sorry kinger2
    Hannip has built a new resource file-icon file to use with scripts that called scripticons.dll.The old icon folder was call morticon.exe. so we all in mortscript land are trying to make the change as smooth as possible.All is fixed in ver 1.4

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