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    Should I switch to Cingular that only has the 680 or the 750? I have been a PALM user since the VIIx. My favorite device was the Tungstent, and I am one of the geeks that mastered graffitti. I really do not want to slide backwards or switch to Windows, but I am sick of being stuck when I'm out of the country because Verizon does not have the hook up. Which phone from Cingular might leave me at least at the same point as my 700p??
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    How often do you travel overseas?

    I thought Verizon had an option for that now?

    Data rates are my big thing. If you were on Sprint. . . I would say get a throw away phone and buy minutes when you are overseas.

    Given you are paying Verizon rates . . . .researching who has the best rates and service in both the US and your overseas destinations would not be a bad idea.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    How many PalmOS 3rd party apps do you have? Do they have WinMob equivalents? Does this matter to you?

    BlackJack on Cingular? If sticking with Palm is not a must.

    Treo 680 is Palm OS
    Treo 750 is WM5, possibly upgradable to WM6
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    I would love to stay with PALM OS. I am comfortable with it. but I go out of the country (mostly to the Carribbean) about 5 weeks out of the year. When I had my 600 and 650 (with Cingular), I could just take the phone to the Cable & Wireless office in town and they would switch it over and I could prepay for their service, but calls to my US number and email still worked fine. I do not think that I can do the same with a Verizon phone. A couple of friends have been using Cingular out of the box in London and Nairobi, for example.

    DocS To Go and AvantGO are the only real 3rd party apps I use.
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    I have T-Mobile and Sprint. T-Mobile is easy--walk off the plane and you have dialtone. Cingy is prolly the same.

    Data roaming is all about $15 or $16 per MB no matter what. I have good cost control by limiting my web activity and setting email to download the first 5k only and not attachments. Then you pull what you really need.

    Sprint provides a SIM if you want to go that way. I have a Sprint 700wx. I will take the SIM and leave the phone behind.

    I use a 750 (Windows, sorry, but a great phone) and thus have the choice of T-Mo or Sprint SIMs when I am in Yerp or the Middle East.

    The secret weapon is a prepaid SIM. Especially look at the multicountry ones. Check out I am trying a new one my assistant found something at which is an Estonian SIM with free incoming calls to Belgium, Dubai, Bahrain, and other places I go. Outbound is way cheaper than Sprint or T-Mo. So I will mostly use that and forward my Sprint and T-Mo phones to it.

    Which brings me around to your first question--handset. You want PalmOS.

    Your choices are 600, 650, or 680. You know -- as a TCer -- that phones can be unlocked so you aren't stuck to Cingular. If you are REALLY stuck on Palm get the 680 and the internal debating society will get quiet and happy.

    But keep an open mind about WM. I was a 650 'PalmOS uber alles' guy and took forays into the WM world (MDA, SDA, Dash) sufficient to prove to myself that WM was poo and Palm was cake and ice cream.

    Then I got the 700wx because of the SERO deal and because it would work well with my Exchange Server. The WM Treo isn't poo. The 750 is even nicer.

    Me? I would get the 750. Unlocked and unbranded from is what I did.

    Whan Palm gives birth to a next generation Palm UI Treo I will be there. I pick up my wife's 650 and it is easy easy easy to use. But the WM Treos are powerful. Get one. That's my suggestion.
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    Thanks. I am heading to mobile planet now.
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    Another advantage of going with the 750 over the 680 is that it is UMTS which means that you can use it in Japan as well. You may never go there but in my case it influenced my decision.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tastypeppers View Post
    I have T-Mobile and Sprint. T-Mobile is easy--walk off the plane and you have dialtone. Cingy is prolly the same.

    Me? I would get the 750. Unlocked and unbranded from is what I did.

    That's my suggestion.
    Can you explain "unlocked and unbranded"? How do I get phone and data service? Do I just buy the sim card from whoever? Like, can I just walk into Cable & Wireless in the Carribbean and get a card and it will work with my home phone number?
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    No, you would typically get a SIM card (service) from T-Mobile or Cingular (in the U.S.) and sign up for their international roaming. With that in place you should be able to use your phone as you walk off the plane and be reachable at your regular number. The other alternative is to get a pay as you go SIM (harder to get in some places than others) from a local operator. That way your calls will be a lot cheaper but you won't have your regular phone number.
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