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    i am in complete denial about this little DST problem im having. i just dont wanna deal with it.

    i knew this DST was gonna be a disaster for either my computer or my phone. turns out my computer (xp) is running just fine.

    the problem is the phone, it keep dropping an hour (EST) on me and losing an hour with appts. this seems on track with some of you.

    i've decided to allocate 10 mins of my life to fix the problem, nothing more..

    does anyone think that by not doing anythign and waiting until the intended DST that the phone will work properly again?
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    They never did fix this. When we fell back last fall, it changed my time zone from Eastern Standard Time to Indiana (USA) both are GMT -5. This time it changed it to Caracas, La Paz Time Zone which is GMT -4...the people in my office are also that way as well...
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    my treo also goes back 1 hour and goes to caracas time, anytime i sync with my computer. I dont really use appoinments that much on my treo, so i wouldnt mind clearing them, but i dont understand why it does this each time i sync? maybe activesync is set to caracas some how lol
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    You know what amazes me? How frustrated this one tiny little thing can make me. Getting appointments out of whack is definitely a pain in the rear.

    I've tried everything, patches, change it to something else and change it back, uncheck this option and check that option... nothing works for me.

    My appointments that I set on the Treo - come through to my desktop fine. My apointments set at my desktop come back to the Treo 2 hours earlier.

    I give up.

    But, I want it to work so bad. Having my email, cal and contacts wirelesly sync is so compelling I am contemplating getting another device just so I can have that functionality.

    I didn't know what I was missing.
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    Well, I fixed my problem. I don't know if this will help any of the rest of you, but it's worth a try.

    After applying the patches to MS XP, Outlook and my Treo, I then made sure I had central time set in my system tray time, MS Outlook and Treo. But, everytime I created an appointment from within Outlook - it put a different time zone on my Treo. If I created an appointment in my Treo - it put the correct time on my Outlook. I was puzzled. I thought to myself - the timezones are the same within Outlook and on my Treo - and on my Windows clock.

    Tonight, I logged into my webmail account. I simply put in the same server address that ActiveSync had in my Treo. But, I did it from a PC browser and used Outlook Web Access.

    There is an options button at the bottom of the web access, OWA, page. It has a timezone feature there. It needs to also be set to the same timezone since it defaults to the location of the server.
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