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    If I do a hard reset and reload all my purchased programs from activsync, will I need to re-enter all my activation keys.
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    Please check the reply I just posted to the Back-up question. You should get a back-up utility like Sprite or SPB Back-up. Back it up before you do a hard reset. Then when you do a hard reset, you can restore everthing (including activation codes). and you dont have to re-instll anything.
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    A point to remember, if you reinstall from the latest backup and that latest backup was what was causing your problem, you are back to having the same problem. If a hard reset is done and you intend to restore, it should be done from a known good backup. If there is no known good backup then installing one at a time is the route to consider.

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    If I back up using sprite, or spb backup, will my liscences be there to play the music I purchased from urge?
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    Usually, yes. However there are apps that use different schemes which require you to re-enter the keys.
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    If you have Sprite backup as I do, it will restore the whole lot of everything back to your device, but if you dont, you will need to enter the authorization code manually.

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