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    I have been reading forums and everyone mentioning that you should always backup before you do anything...but what does this mean? what does backup mean? to me, it just saving apps on my SD card. I guess what i'm trying to ask is...if I installed a program that totally messes up my phone...can I do a simple system restore to an earlier time? I'm not talking about a hard reset...

    i've been trying new apps and i didn't like...but whenever i do a hard reset, i have to start all over again...install in my apps, treak my registry, add in my contacts (via exchange server) and so forth.

    I do want to try new apps or upgrades, but the cost of hard resetting each time takes a toll on me. I can spend 30 minutes doing the above.

    so, what does backing up mean???
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    In simplest terms it means taking a snapshot, if you will, of all your settings, files, programs plug-ins etc. at a particular point in time. Then when you do a hard reset, you can "restore" the phone to that condition with a tap of the stylus and about 3 or 4 minutes depending on how much you have loaded. I use Sprite Back-up - I have it installed on the SD card (both the program and the Cab file). After the hard reset I have to reinstall Sprite then launch it and select Restore. I keep three back-ups on my SD card at all times so i can restore it to "before " I installed the "bad idea". I can select which back-up copy I use to retore. You can also back-up your phone to your PC in case you lose the entire phone.

    I believe you can download Sprite for free if you have a 700W from the Palm website. I am not sure if this applies to the 700wx. Others also like SPB Back-up.

    It is clearly a "must have."


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