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    Twice now since I have had my phone it has locked up when a incoming call comes in and it rings. The ring gets into a loop and it just freezes where I have to hit the reset button.

    What could be causing this?

    I have the following apps on my phone installed:

    Opera Full
    Sprite Software
    Macromedia Flash
    DST upgrade
    Mavick hidelogocab
    hannip vzw 700wx a2dp fix
    vicsoft ui tweaker
    mt software today agenda
    pocketmax phonealarm lvm top bat
    PHM Reg editor
    Jetware BT HFP Exten. 1.25b
    Marsware weatherpanel

    Sprint Treo 700WX
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    Any ideas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pimpin-tl View Post
    Any ideas?
    I vote
    Weather Panel and Phone Alarm.
    Download memmaid and do some cleaning up.
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    Well I know it did it before phone alarm. Not sure on WP. What should I do get rid of it?
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    uninstall app's one at a time and see if lock up re-occurs so you can isolate the source.
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