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    To all,

    I have been a Treo owner for about a year and a half now and have been reading this forum for just as long. I have learned a lot from you guys and from other boards that many of you have linked to. I finally got my 700wx (with Verizon) working exactly how I like it and wanted to part what I have learned:

    Upgrading from 700w to 700wx
    - I went through 4 different 700w's because the sound kept stopping. Finally after the 700wx came out, and while on my 4th 700w, I called verizon when it was happening again. The first time I called they said I would have to take it into a store, but I called back after hanging up and complained again. That rep was able to replace my 700w with a 700wx ONLY after I mentioned the lemon policy and she got approval from her supervisor. But I got a new phone!

    Palm Threaded Cab Patch
    - This works. If it is not working it is because you didn't follow the directions word for word. Trust me I tried it 10 times but finally found I was doing a few things wrong (working on 2 different 700wx's)
    Here is a quick summary of the steps.
    1) hard reset, leave phone radio off & don't start any other programs!
    2) install resco explorer
    3) install install palm cab file
    3) soft reset - keep the phone radio off & don't start any other programs!
    4) copy files from programs->palm messaging folder to my device->windows folder. make sure you can see all the files (there should be something like 12 or 15, not just 5) as described in previous posts and DO NOT use the "copy to" function. actually copy all the files and then navigate your way to my device -> windows folder and paste all of them there
    5) DELETE the files in programs -> palm messaging folder
    6) soft reset
    7) Done!

    Bluetooth Stereo Headsets:
    - tried some sony headphones that hooked on each ear and had a retractable wire connecting each piece (sorry don't know model number), they worked pretty well, sounded good, could control the pause, play, next functions from headphones. But they were wobbly and I am a runner so I took them back.
    - I went to Apple store and picked up the IMuffs. They sort of worked with the 700wx, as you couldn't control the phone's functions from the IMuffs, and the max volume was way to quiet to be heard. But as a bluetooth IPOD device they rocked! so I decided to keep them

    - looked all around for good nes and snes emulators. Morphgear's is the best I have found - the SNES portion is free but the NES isn't. So I use PockNES for nintendo games and Morphgear for SNES games.

    Tweaking Today Screen:
    - Hidelogo utility to get more room, but for I found it got rid of the Date also.
    - So I used rlToday to get a customized clock and date. Here is the guy who I guess makes it for free
    - I use Spb because I bought it a long time ago, but there are a ton of others out there that are just as good. (Screen shot included, sorry for the word DEMO over the pic...the capture program was unregistered)

    Thanks again for everyone who is posting. If I learn more I will definitely post it as I just registered for this forum today. I love my Treo but Palm better start getting little more creative or else in a year or so I have a feeling a lot of us will be using a different device.

    LT, USN
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    Great 1st post! Welcome from your status change of Lurker to Member!

    Great info their, I will check out that link for the clock.

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    Welcome h2ojefe. I use hidelogo and there is a reg edit/hack that inserts the date/time in the top bar. See my Today Screen.

    Treo 700WX - VZW
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    Hi Fellaz, just got my new Treo WX and NEED the Palm SMS Beta Cab file!! It is sooo hard to find now. If someone could please email me at I would love to feel the application and relate to what you all know!!

    Thank you!!
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    Welcome to the club, h2ojefe - I too will be checking out that cool today plugin... thanks!
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    I actually used that for a day until I found the rlToday hack. I love having the entire month right there so I decided to keep it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by h2ojefe View Post

    I actually used that for a day until I found the rlToday hack. I love having the entire month right there so I decided to keep it.

    Understood, very nice!
    Treo 700WX - VZW

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