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    I've just got my new Treo 750v on Vodafone Ireland. I am very pleased with it - infinitely better than my prev I-Mate Jamin.

    The only problem is lack of sms delivery reports. The manual says that there should be an option under messaging->options->notifications. On my device, the only option if for mms, no option for sms delivery notifications. I even called palm about it and they told me that delivery notification is only available on the 750 from Palm, not on the vodafone version, 750v!

    I tried the WM5 registry hack that is posted on xda developers site, that worked don my I-Mate, but that does not work.

    I have trawled the various Treo forums for an answer to no avail.

    Any ideas?
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    I have a 750 on Cingular in US and what I have in the notification tab is a line at the top that says "request MMS receipt" then has a drop down box for the the option assosciated with it. Then, there is 3 check boxes below that are as listed:

    Privacy Mode (hide text)
    Acknowledge when messages are received
    Acknowledge when messages are read

    The last 2 are checked and I have received receipts for every text I receive. I have heard of some slight differences between the Vodafone ROM and Cingular's ROM, this might be one of them.
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    I have the same options checked, but do not get delivery reports. It's strange that on a phone with such great enhancements to the standard software, this feature is not enabled.

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