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    I'm migrating from my 700p, and I've used the Palm stuff forever, so this is all new to me...

    I use an Exchange server for work, but I also have a POP3 for my personal stuff. How can I sync both?

    I have contacts in both my Exchange "folder" and also a different .pst (Personal Folders). How can I get my contacts to syn from both?

    Does my administrator have to enable anything for ActiveSync to work? It keeps rejecting my credentials, whether I use our Exchange address, or our OWA address.

    I'm sure I'll have more questions, but I figured I'd start with these. I got 30 days to decide between this and the Blackjack, and I want to give it a work out. After starting with the Samsung i300 way back when, change is scary!
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    You will still have the same problems with the Blackjack, they both use activesync to sync. One plus between the 750 and Blackjack that makes it a keeper to me is the Pocket PC Phone Edition OS (Blackjack is Smartphone Edition). The touch screen makes some tasks so much easier.

    Do you use outlook at work? Activesync defaults to Outlook for syncing contacts, email and calendar. Assuming you use outlook for your work email, you could add the POP3 account to outlook and sync both email accounts at the same time.

    If you already use Outlook for the POP3 account, you will need the IT dept. to walk you through adding the work account because you will need to have the server information to make sure you are logging in properly.

    I am sure someone will come along soon and correct me if I am wrong or add to it.

    Sorry I could not give you more.

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