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    you almost had me going there. I'm seriously considering converting to a WX from a P, WM6 would hasten my decision to the-side-that-is-dark.
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    Im pretty sure that this is the Dark side
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    I know that, i was just stating that my mind isnt made up yet, I still own a 700p but have my eye on the WX--I keep a close eye on this forum even though I rarely post here.
    !! uNo.....DoS.....tReO!!
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    What about SDHC support? Can that be gleaned from WM6?
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    how did u get wm6 on the treo? or didi miss a good joke?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stroths View Post
    I got a copy of it a while back and flashed my 700wx with it. Now it runs at 5HGz, it upgraded my RAM to 512MB and my screen to 320x320. My battery life has been increased to about 2 weeks now with heavy usage. I am pretty pleased with WM6 on my 700wx.

    I have a copy laying around as well for the MDA I believe if needed.
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    maybe if I read passed the flashed my 700wx part I would have had my answer......

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    Though nothing has been done yet, it does seem to me that we could possibly get some juicy bits out of WM6.

    It probably is better though, to see what gets put out there for the 750 first, and take from there.
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