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    Hey guys,

    I found the site and it says that a variety of Treo's are supported but not the 700w/wx. It looks like an awesome tool to use since everytime I drive back from work there's a jam everywhere I go.

    Has anyone gotten this to work with the 700w/wx?

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    Hrmm, anyway to get the cam cab file?
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    I just installed. it is square screen aware (on my 750v), the interface is really unique and looks great (navigation), only problem (big one...) is that every camera I picked so far (NY, NJ) shows as "camera not available"...

    Lots of potential, but what's the point until the actually show real traffic?
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    Try this- not video but screenshots you can refresh straight from DOT:
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    Thanks Littlepat, much better
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    What did setting you select on the list when it states your device is not recognized?...treo650, or Windows mobile 5?
    Thank you.
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    Windows mobile 5
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    Quote Originally Posted by ixtab1970 View Post

    Just installed it and it works wonderfully. Too bad it doesn't have a traffic cam for Route 22.

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