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    I Have a dell Latitude D410 (Windows XP Pro) and was regularly using Bluetooth for syncing and a modem connection on my Motorola Razr. Now I have a Treo 750 and can't connect to it via Bluetooth. I Have called tech support for Cingular, Palm and Dell and the best we get is a "partnership" but no sync, modem or file access. After trying everything, all three support groups claim it is the other guys fault

    The glitch seems to have something to do with com ports. The Windows XP Bluetooth manager in 'serial port' connection mode gives a set of available com ports to chose from (The default for Dialup mode is com40). The Sync software gives a set of available ports and the Treo has a set of incoming and outgoing ports. Unfortunately, there is no common port for all three.

    There must be 1000's of Dell Latitutes and a Treo 750's out there. How are you all connecting via bluetooth???

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    I was actually able to the connect ito the nternet on my PC via a bluetooth connection to the Treo. The key was using the extra initialization command AT+CGDCONT=1, "ip","WAP.CINGULAR" in the "Advanced Settings" and *99# for the dialup number.

    Now I'm still trying to sync using bluetooth. There must be a 'partnership' (Treo 750 and PC) because I have an internet connection. However, when I select Connect via Bluetooth from the Active Sync program on the device, I get an error message saying I'm not connected to the PC.

    I've upgrade to AvtiveSync 4.5 on my PC. Any other ideas?


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    Here you go:

    1) On your computer, go into bluetooth settings. Check bluetooth is ON and set to discoverable. Add an incoming COM port, eg. COM5.
    2) On ActiveSync on your computer, go into connection settings. Tick all the boxes. If the COM port is greyed out, untick it, close the settings box, go back in, now tick it and set the COM port to eg. COM5.
    3) On the Treo go into bluetooth settings, and remove the connection to your computer.
    4) On your Treo go into ActiveSync, click 'menu' > 'connect via bluetooth' then you should see a message saying 'cannot find an existing bluetooth partnership with a PC that supports ActiveSync. Would you like to set up a partnership now?'
    5) Click YES - you are taken to the Bluetooth settings screen.
    6) Now click 'new partnership. As soon as you do this, the treo will search, and as long as your computer has bluetooth discoverable turned on, your computer will eventually be displayed. Check the computer name showing on the Treo is the same as the name you gave the bluetooth profile on your computer.
    7) On the Treo, click your computer name then NEXT.
    Now enter a passcode - any four digit number (remember it) then next
    9) When you do this, your computer will pop up with a message saying "a bluetooth device is requesting authorisation". Open this message and type in the code that you gave the Treo. The next screen on the computer will tell you that it was successful - click FINISH.
    10) Back on the Treo, the screen will now be showing the services available. AS LONG AS YOU FOLLOWED STEP 1 and 2, ActiveSync will be an option, and you need to tick this and press FINISH on the Treo.
    11) Close bluetooth settings, now in ActiveSync screen click MENU > Connect via bluetooth. Your ActiveSync program on the computer should eventually pop up and connect.
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    That's it!

    Thanks for all the help.
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    I've used those instructions a while back to successfully create the partnership but lately I'm having an issue keeping the connection w/AS. It usually will connect immediatley and start to sync and than the AS window prompts that it is no longer connected.

    Any idea?
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    After p*ssing around for a couple of hours with this on my own I used your
    instructions. GOLD! I wish I had found it earlier. The Palm user guide is not worth the space it takes up on my PC!



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