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  • 100% Improvement

    11 39.29%
  • 75% Improvement

    11 39.29%
  • 50% Improvement

    3 10.71%
  • 25% Improvement

    2 7.14%
  • 0% Improvement

    1 3.57%
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    This is mostly targeted towards those who went from a Verizon w to a wx.

    Please consider all things from the slightly different color, to the BLUETOOTH issues, to the phone's radio issues, the lag that people have been experiencing upon wake up. And of course the much needed increase in memory.
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    The memory helped, but the internet issue killed any benefit for me. I sent it back before the 15 day trial expired.
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    Thanks for polling guys. From the problems everyone was discussing here, I was very concerned about getting one.
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    Mine is doing just great.

    2 items I use a lot, slingplayer mobile and, I never have it lockup or say it is out of memory.

    I loooove the color change,

    as far as radio issues. I didn't notice anything toll today. I woke up the device and there was an "x" next to the signal antenna. Maybe I was just in a weak signal area.

    I have noticed PIE having issued connecting here and there, but I simply close all programs and run PIE again. no problems.
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    just thought I would report back. Have had the vzw wx for a few days now and must say I am pleased. I dont think it has frozen on me once and works great with my voyager 510 and acura. Should hold me over til the next best things comes out. Thanks to everyone who took the poll.
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    i love the new memory.. and LOVE the color.. havnt made it quite clear if its dark gray or black.. most say its gray but a black treo is the way to go..
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    feels a little different too. seems like a tad more grip to it. Going to put the best skins ever on it in a couple of days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnbid View Post
    The memory helped, but the internet issue killed any benefit for me. I sent it back before the 15 day trial expired.
    What internet issue?
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    some people have experienced having problems connecting to the internet or slow connections. Some of these same people have reported back that the problem was fixed after they had a verizon rep take their data package off and putting it back on. I have had no problems with internet but had the rep take off data and put it back on when I did the esn swap.

    Why would someone say there is 0% improvement from the w to the wx?
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    For those of you having problems with the Internet... *228 (option 2, use *22899 first if it is fresh from a hard reset) is your best friend on VZW's network. Yes it maybe the same PRL. but after a hard reset, I always do this twice, after the second time it tends to clear up all the connectivity issues. Having VZW remove the plan then re-adding it will require you to do it twice anyways.

    It's airtime free.

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