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    Is there an application that is like "KeyCaps" for the Treo 750?

    AT&T Treo 750 (Unlocked) WM6

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    Only one I know of is QoolCaps ( that has one for WM, except not for the 750 yet. I have been looking as well - haven't found anything else.

    And is it me or is there a definite lack of small programs for WM5 vs. what I am used to on the Palm platform?
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    QCaps is the only thing, but is not available yet. There is an issue with it and the Palm keyboard lock.

    As far as WM5 programs, there are tons of them out there. Its just that certain ones we grew to love on the PalmOS may not have a WM5 equivalent (yet). However, this goes both ways. If you had been use to a WM5 device and moved to PalmOS, you would likely have similar feelings.
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