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    Surely this must bode well for us, yes?
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    For "us", do you mean Palm users?

    I know there are many "repeat offenders"/Palm loyalists out there, but this is my first Palm device. While overall I'm happy with my wx--and recommend it to my friends and colleagues--I'm uncertain if I would want to get another Treo. The whole Sprint SMS issue back in September/October lasted way too long, requiring the exchanging of emails on a daily basis with 2nd tier technical support who swore there was no problem (even though I was constantly referring to the thread here for them to read). And while I'm glad Hannip helped the community get threaded SMS on the wx, it's absolutely lame that Palm didn't incorporate it on their own (which, I might add, Palm support stated to me in an email that they would), especially when their promotional materials clearly stated that feature. That's just bad business, IMHO. (Oh yeah, and while I didn't experience it, the Verizon 'w' users were hosed when Sprint got the wx).

    I guess the deciding factor for any future Treo purchase would be if Palm really updated their product line, instead of small fixes and relatively small new additions. I hope no body flames me for this...
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    It's my first Palm device too. I've had a variety of PPCs and find this one to be the best out of the bunch though. So when I said us, I meant anyone who feels that this device is the best they've had but are also aware of its shortcomings and would like to see them rectified. The addition of an Apple staffer who was directly related to so many innovative solutions must, I hope, be a good sign for Palm development...
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    I'm probably the only one but I would love to see Microsoft acquire Palm and give Apple a run for their money............
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    Quote Originally Posted by StillCrazy View Post
    I'm probably the only one but I would love to see Microsoft acquire Palm and give Apple a run for their money............
    I just think that's very, very, very unlikely. MS has repeatedly built their smartphone business around the same principles as their desktop business, by licensing to third parties. Not only that, but right now Microsoft gets a licensing fee from Palm to use Windows Mobile, and it increases the WinMob marketshare, plus puts the WinMob name in more places. What more do they really need, and why would they PAY for it?

    In the few instances we've seen Microsoft enter the hardware business (Xbox and Zune) it is because those markets require a closed end system revolving around hardware. The Xbox, well that's fairly obvious, since you need a consistent console experience to be able to make and market games. Microsoft has become convinced that the closed-end Apple market is the way to gain music player marketshare, hence the Zune.

    The smartphone market doesn't require that level of closed system, AND Microsoft is making money not only off of Palm but also every other licensee. There's no reason for them to buy Palm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaiguy View Post
    I hope no body flames me for this...
    No flame here. I came to the "w" from Verizon when I purchased a new SBS Exchange server for my business in Dec 2005. At that point it was either upgrade my BES software at $800 or buy a WM Treo 700w for $400. I'm glad I change to WM. Yes, RIM does offer...what is it, EXPRESS?...for free to SBS-types, but who the heck needs 3rd party software that sends every darn e-mail to Canada before delivering to your device? Sure, you're right, we VZW users did somewhat get hosed with the 'w', but I got a 'wx' upgrade 2 weeks ago without charge due to the problems. I'll stick with VZW, WM, and Palm for a while. It's been an interesting 1.5 years...but that's just it. At least it wasn't as boring as being with RIM for that time. I know the 8700 pretty well, and it's a nice can't hack a BB! What the heck would hannip do??

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