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    I tried to do a search for the answer but to no avail. I work for a company that purchased several Treo 750 w/windows mobile 5.0 from Cingular. I have been trying for about a month to get them to sync with our 2003 SBS. I have a brand new verisign certificate on the server and loaded on the treo. I have followed every blog and forum to get to this point. I am not getting any error codes, it just keeps asking for my password. I can connect to OMA,Exchange, and my server default web page thru IE using the same password I am trying to use on the Treo. Any answers out there please???/
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    I would suggest running eventviewer on the server to see what errors are popping up when you try to connect. That should help you narrow down the issue.
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    Yea do what he said...

    You said you can connect in IE to ?

    Also did you check to make sure in ESM under Global Services - Mobile Services, that all the check boxes are checked?
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    Make sure you've installed the correct certificate on the device, to do this browse to OWA from a remote location (ie not on the LAN) and then save the certificate using IE.(do this on a computer not on the device)

    Then export this certificate to a file and copy it do your device, once you've got it on the device launch it from File Explorer to install it.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you for your replies. I have done all you suggested. There were errors in the event viewer. The one that came the closest to my situation was KB 917379. I am not getting the errors now it just keeps asking for a password, which is supposed to be saved
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    I got it It's working great.....Thanks for your help

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