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    Anybody out there know how (if there IS a way) to change the color of the battery indicator bar on the top of the Today screen (from Pocket Plus) I like the indicator, but it is the same color as the top bar, and it blends WAY to much to be useful!!!

    Plus: I just went to read a note, and the notes screen comes up all black horizontal lines!!!!
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    The horzontal lines are caused by the theme, change it to a more compatible one.

    Try UI tweaker to change the font color on the top bar. Might help you, but changing the theme will probably make it more readable anyway....
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    You got it right, it must have been the theme!!!! I will use Utweaker (sp) to get the colors on the screen to my liking (Hate the new theme, but it fixed the problem).

    Thanks again!!!!!
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    What color do you want to make it? If you can't find a way to change the color, there are a few free (small) apps that provide the bar either in green or green-to-yellow-to-orange-to-red. Found at xda-developers.
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    I'm playing with different ideas/layouts I enjoy changing things up a lot. I am thinking a greyscale for now....who knows tomorrow. I use the UI tweaker and love it. I am currently trying to figure out how to change the color of the battery indicator bar on top (came with Pocket Plus), and changing the text in the upper and lower bars to black (I know it is in the tweaker, I just have to find it). I am also looking for a program to rescale my Today screen...I know of NYDITOT, but I am finding it hard to pay more for an app that does ONE thing compared to fantastic apps that do many things and cost less (I may be a bit cheap!!)

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