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    Has anyone had the Krusell Classic case for the 750 long enough to tell me if the leather will give some over time. I appreciate the tight fit and all, but its almost impossible to get it situated inside the case correctly. And in-and-out with this case so far seems to be a huge burden. I am hoping it will stretch some over time, otherwise I will have to try something else.
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    I actually use this Krussel case and love it.

    My 750 fits great. Mine does not have the light colored stitching is the only difference.
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    I've used the Classic for my 650 for over a year, and about 2 months for my 750. It does stretch out a little bit. After about a month or so, the sideways slop disappears from the keyboard. Taking it in and out of the case was always a tight fit. If its too skewed, return it for a different one...they're not all the same.

    Absolutely the best case though!
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    I've got one of these. Only had it for about 2 weeks and It's been great. The plastic cover over the screen is a bit too tight though and creates a gap between the actual screen and the plastic. This makes it a bit difficult to use the stylus around the edges. Consequently I do want the case to stretch a bit over time, especially around the screen.
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    Hi conekkted,
    I can assure you that all of our cases will adjust over time.
    When producing the case we want to give it a really snugged fit, as close to to small as we can knowing the leather will move and give in over time.

    Its like a golf glove, it will only get better with time.

    If you have any other questions please feel free to send me a pm

    Krusell Int.
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    I will give it a little longer. Thanks.
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