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    From time to time and often I am unable to sync my Treo 750 (Cingular) to Outlook 2003. Unrelated to this, sound is often lost requiring me to turn off the phone, remove the battery and start up again. Anyone else have these problems, and how did you solve them? Thanks.
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    The activesync problems are mainly due to activesync. Some have them and some don't. Myself, I have used 2 Treos on Vista and XP. Using Activesync 4.2, 4.5 and Windows Mobile Device Center (in Vista because Activesync is not supported) and had no problems at all.

    Others have had the sound loss problem, yes. The way they remedy this is to either do as you did, reset, or exchange the device for a new one. My first one had a problem with the speakerphone. It appeared to have a cracked motherboard, or bad speaker. I had to loosen the screw at the top of the battery compartment a little to get the speakerphone to output at full volume. If I pushed on the casing right under the speaker while playing music from it, I could hear the speaker cut in and out.

    I exchanged the device and have had no problems with the second one.
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    It was suggested to me that I perform a hard reset and reinstall Activesync 4.5. I did that and it appears to have solved the sound problem. It also solved the sync failure for a short time, but it's back. I do not want to have to go through that once a week. Does anyone else have the problem?

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