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    I have searched all around and cant find the answer.
    1. i think that once i got an email in hotmail, i would download directly to my phone, now i have to manually send/receive. does this work for everyone? if not, how do i accomplish this?"
    2. when in the email box i can not go to "delivery preferences" it does nothing. i searched and it seems to be a bug. am i crazy?
    3. is there a way to reinstall pocket msn?

    Thanks for bothering to read this.
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    Anyone that can verify this for me?!
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    That's odd, when on my Hotmail inbox I can go to Delivery Preferences and then to the filters tab. There you can select to download headers only or the full copy of the message, which is probably what you want.

    Maybe try doing a hard reset to check if it fixes the issue, try a soft reset first. And try to log out from MSN and then logging back in (use the change user option from the MSN options).
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    Thanks tocayo for letting me at least know that i am not crazy.

    I am just posting a reply for people that might have the same problem.
    i had to do a hard reset and little by little figure out what program did this to me.
    i installed mnotes (for lotus notes) and this messed up my "delivery preferences".
    i had to uninstall it. then go to "delivery preferences" in hotmail and check every 15 min. install mnotes (which made my "delivery preferences" not work) but hotmail still goes out and fetches my mail.

    hope this helps someone in the future.

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