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    I am sure that this will be easily topped, but I just got a new WX for $300 even though I was 12 months out on my contract.

    Only took 2 reps and a supervisor, and my pointing out that I was willing to take my $150/month account to Sprint for a $250 phone and pay the $175 to get out of my Vzw contract. Were they willing to loose my $1,800 a year account over a couple of rebates?

    I could have held out for more, but I had really just hoped to get the "new" customer price.

    By the way, I have never tried to return or exchange my phone, since I knew that my problems were memory related. So my account history was pretty clean, without documented complaints. I was outside the 1 year warranty, and had no expectations of a satisfactory result from an insurance claim.

    What about you, what is the best deal you have scored to upgrade at VZW to the WX?
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    start complaining about the phone. ask for a new another phone. just say yes yes to whatever even if it's the x. take that x and kill it. call them up again and ask for another phone. they will give u another x. take that and kill it and call them up. they will have a history of ur record and u get the wx this time.

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