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    Hey any reason why my 750 just lost my phone and data connection and cant get it back? I did multiple soft resets to no avail I have no clue what happened one minute I had service and the next I dont. I'm at my desk where I have always had full bars so I've got no idea what is going on. Any ideas on what to do?

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    Could it possibly be a billing issue? Have you turned the phone portion of the device off by mistake? Is the SIM dead?

    These are some issues that could affect your service as well as the network being down. I am assuming that they did not shut off your service. That leaves out of these two the phone off and the SIM.

    If you press and hold the red call end power button, it cycles the phone off and on. You can try that and see if it is working. Usually, if the phone is on and it is trying to acquire signal, the antenna icon has three small dots under and to the right of it that animate to show that the phone is looking. If you have no network, I believe it shows a exclamation point next to the antenna icon. Other than that if the phone is off, you will see a small x next to the antenna and data icons.

    As for the SIM card, you could try someone else's SIM in the device and see if they get a signal in the same spot. You could then try your SIM in another phone or device to make sure it is working properly, also.

    One other thing it could be is a faulty radio in the device.

    Hope this helps.

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