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    Ok.. I give up..I was able to get my email with my Treo 700w phone up until last week when the IT guys switched to a MS exchange server...

    They gave me the info but I cant seem to get it to work.. what am I doing wrong?

    Is there somewhere online that can lead me through it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by parealtor View Post
    They gave me the info but I cant seem to get it to work.. what am I doing wrong?

    Don't know. What are you doing wrong? You didn't give us any details so until then nobody here can provide you any insight.
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    is there somewhere online that will give me a step by step instruction on what to do and what info I need...

    Im lost and IT isnt any help.
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    OP: you really need to tell us more about your issues:
    1. Have you been accessing your emails via an Exchange server? Or are you migrating from IMAP/POP access to Exchange?
    2. Are you able to access your emails on your desktop? If so, how? Are you able to use Outlook Web Access?
    3. Did IT give you any instructions for this switch? If so, would you post some or all of it here (obviously remove any sensitive info such as username, password, or domain).

    This is the step-by-step guide to set up email (Exchange, POP, and IMAP) on a WM5 unit:

    More info will yield more fruitful help and suggestions. Good luck.
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