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    Maybe I am just a fat-thumbed goof. But about 20% of the time when I hit the red End key to end a call I hold it a split second too long and turn the phone off. I usually notice that I have done it, but sometimes I don't and that is an obvious problem. I think that my longer-than-necessary button push stems from my older devices which didn't always react to the end key. So I guess I have gotten used to really pushing it hard. I am not used to a phone that reacts this well.

    Anyway, I would hope that their is a delay setting somewhere in the registry that I can tweak and make the hold time longer before it turns off the phone. Any ideas?
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    I don't remember the stock value. I keep mine at 300 which seems to be equivalent to about 1 second.
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    You go JamesRitter! Thanks!
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    Your welcome

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