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    I have ripped a movie to a 700MB .avi file nad transferred to my SD card. When I try to play the movie in WMedia, I get a "could not find name or object" error. The file plays fine on my PC in WM...any suggestions?
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    Use the TCPMP player for pocket PC. It will play anything you throw at it and has a ton of advanced features & varoius plugins like ac3, ogg etc. The main site is down but here is a mirror link for ya.
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    Thanks..anyone have any other suggestions? THis is a 'work' unit and they frown on downloading non work related software...
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    So what makes Windows Media Player 'work-related' software?
    Someone just gave you THE suggestion, go with it.
    Unless you want to re-rip the movie to a WMV format that Windows Media Player on the PocketPC will play, TCPMP (or any of the other PocketPC media apps like CorePlayer e.t.c) is it.
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    Oh, that sux. I guess if you cant install anything, the only choice would be to convert the movie to something else like the WMV or 3g2 format which is media player friendly. It may cost you by either quality or a different file size which may be larger or smaller than the original 700mb.

    There is a freeware windowsXP utility that I use religiously that will take a file and convert to any format and works quite well called "Super" video converter by erightsoft.

    Also,do yourself a favor and grab quicktime alternative and real alternative (codecs only) which use the media player classic to view videos in windows. The quicktime alternative will allow you to view 3g2 video without the need for the actual clunky Quicktime player.

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