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    My main phone is a 700wx on Sprint. I came from a 650 on T-Mobile so the 700wx, with multi-tasking, was a massive step forward. Added to EV-DO and a SERO plan with a ridiculous amount of minutes? Fabulosity.

    Well, delivered a 750 to me. I got the unlocked generic 750 and (excuse me for yelling) WHY THE F DOESN'T PALM SELL THESE IN THE U.S.? ARE THEY DUmB? [ed.: No, Palm's executive aren't stupid. They just have calmly and intelligently decided that it makes sense for them to turn away handset sales because they don't need the money.]

    I am going to use the 750 for a number of extended trips to Yerp and the Middle East that are coming up. I got a Sprint SIM for use overseas, and I still have my T-Mobile account (on a family plan with my wife, so no additional net cost there.

    So I stuck my T-Mobile SIM into the 750 and it works just fine, of course. Dreary EDGE speeds but that's to be expected. As a phone it works fine, on par with the 700wx.

    Windows Mobile is Windows Mobile, so I don't see any big deal there.

    But the physical feel of the two phones? Wow. The 750 is fabulous.

    The cool paint on the 750 > the normal finish on the 700wx. The 750 is almost the same size as the 700wx but feels smaller. The 750 is lighter than the 700wx (is that because of the puny battery?). And of course -- no stubby antenna.

    Geez. I would go over to the 750 on GSM if (1) Cingular wasn't Cingular -- oh joy, we're going back to the bloated, uncaring bureaucracy that is ATT; (2) Cingular actually had robust and comprehensive 3G coverage (the local Cingular store defines coverage around here by "this neighborhood has it, that neighborhood doesn't, it's coming Real Soon Now"); and (3) Cingular's prices weren't so ridiculous (I'm paying $100/month for 2500 minutes plus unlimited data on the Sprint SERO plan).

    [Ed.: Yeah. If things were different they just wouldn't be the same. Grow up, Tastypeppers.]

    Anyway. For those of you on Cingular and locked in there and thinking about what to do, I gotta tell you that the 750 is a sweet beastie. I am missing my 650 less and less as the days go by. Let's hope that the 750 same form factor finds its way to Sprint (on WM, not on PalmOS, so I'm not talking about the 755p) -- I would upgrade.
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    You know, the little Editorial comment was annoying and silly.

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