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    Switching to WM was, for me, a lot like switching to the Mac: More power, a different but in some ways better GUI, more "pretty", and so on. Whether one or the other is "stabler" is an open question.

    So: whats your "switch" experience? Or were you loyal since day one? Do you try to get others to "switch"?
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    Always was WM user... worked with people who used Palm devices... wasn't ever impressed. Hope to get a WM6 device soon.
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    I went from a Treo 650 to the 700w when it first came out. I was happy with the 700w but the lack of memory was an issue. Now I've got the 700wx and it's as stable as the 650 was on it's best day.

    I had a Palm PDA back in the day (made by Sony) that was pretty good, but it was ugly and not much fun. I had a CE 4.0 device that was pretty good (Toshiba e300 I think) and that made me want for more. My IPAQ is running WM 2003 and it's great. I wouldn't give up any of my WM devices for anything running the Palm OS. I made the change and I've never looked back.

    I've been advocating the WM interface ever since so I'm pushing everyone that's stuck in the "dark ages" to make the switch.
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    I never really got into the Palm OS. I like the fact that my apps stay open when I open another program and the Palm OS hasn't been updated in years.
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    I originally started on Palm OS and recently was convinced WM was the way to go. I must agree the "clunkyness" factor is real. While I love the versitility and powerfull feel of WM, I miss the snappyness of Palm OS. I recently purchased Mobile Shell and that seems to be a no nonsense app that runs quietly and quickly to bring WM closer to the snappy feel of Palm, but not quite there yet.
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    I had a PalmOS device back in the day as well. I wasn't impressed with the first CE devices so I switched back to the PalmOS. However, ever since PocketPC 2003 I have been a loyal WM user and I have a couple of devices to prove it. PalmOS has its place but now-a-days it is mostly in the history books.
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    never had Palm device, no switching. always WM

    and why (+) next to 18?
    (contributing author)
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    I made the switch with the arrival of PPC 2003 as well. It took me some time to get acclimated to the new OS, but I have never looked back!
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    I also never had an PalmOS device and I'd only take a look at it, if I have to (e.g. maybe because if I'll get a device from my company with PalmOS on it).
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    I've had a handful of PalmOS and WM devices. I got my first device almost 7 years ago now I believe - a Handspring Visor with 2 whole MB of storage space! I then moved on to the Casio EM500 and was blown away by the power of PPC. I then moved on to an iPaq 3800, then BACK to Palm OS with the uber-innovative and cool Sony Clie series with the fold and twist screens with full QWERTY keyboards (I had the NR70 and then the NX70v). Sony's customizations were AWESOME for the simple PalmOS, but I grew weary of the underlying platform. The Dell Axims were being released, and so I ordered an Axim X5 standard to see if I was ready for PPC again. I was, but the thing was way too big - I opted instead for the iPaq 2215. Then I missed the qwerty keyboard, but wanted to stick with PPC - and then came the iPaq 4355 with its full QWERTY keyboard, 3.5" screen, and WM2003 goodness with wifi and bluetooth. That was the last of my standard PDA devices. I then became aware of the smartphones on the market and acquired an SMT5600 in December of '04. I loved having a converged device, but I wasn't excited by the hardware. I also wanted something with EDGE data (which was a huge step up from GPRS). The only model out that could satisfy my high-speed (at that time) data needs was the Treo 650, and so I found myself back in the Palm OS camp. Everything was dandy for about 6 months until the Palm OS's age and restrictions caught up to the cool factor. I LOVED the hardware, but I was beginning to despise the OS. Then along came the 8125 in February of '06, about a full year after I bought my Treo 650. After my experiences with the Palm OS (stability, underpowered, way too simple of a GUI,amongst other issues), I doubt I'll go back to Palm OS unless there's something that is truly innovative. In the meantime, I've gotten the Cingular 8525, Treo 750, and Samsung BlackJack. The Treo 750 is my favorite device so far, but I still LOVE WM.

    Phew, that was a lot, anyone going to read that?
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    I guess I fall into the category of being loyal since day one.
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    Well, I began using mobile devices before either Palm or WM were invented. I first used the Sharp Zaurus although I cannot recall which model. I have never used the Palm OS; I just couldn't get used to Graffiti and I'm primarily a keyboard kind of guy.

    This product is pretty cool! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

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    I've always been on WM... but for me the biggest switch I've made was going from my Dell AXIM x30 and LG Phone to da Treo 700w.
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    I have yet to leave the PALMOS. I have been a palm user since the first Palm came out. I went to Handspring when Hawkins left Palm. I had a treo 350, than then 650. So the timing of me getting a device has not really lent itself for me to get a WM device.

    My office mate just got his first Treo, 700wx with sprint. He had a RIM, which he hated. I have played with his wx, helping him to get email and stuff set up.

    I gotta say, I am not in love with WM5. It is clunky. It is not as intuitive as a Palm device out of the box. It just is not.

    I am intrigued with WM6. Although the UI looks exactly like WM5 to me. So I am not sure it would cause me to leave Palm.

    My 650 is extremely stable. I have several 3rd party apps. In fact the only native app. I use is blazer, messaging, and obviously the phone. I have not had a crash or reset in months.

    Anyway I am hoping WM6 is great. Palm seems to be dying. Palm and other OS's need to be good, this forces MS to keep innovating. But I will wait and see what Hawkins comes up with in a couple of months. He is after all the father of the modern PDA, and smartphone.
    Grace & Peace,

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    utey, not to detract from anything you said because they're all great points, but the judgement of clunkiness is very subjective. You are used to Palm OS; not just used to it, but very experienced with it. After a while of using WM devices, when I use the Palm OS again, it feels clunky to me and not as intuitive. It's just the nature of things - you get used to the way some things work and anything different is just that, different.
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    I'm still on the fence. I'm invested in Palm because I have a great device and lots of software and accessories, but have access to a WM5 device and play with it trying to decide if I'm ready to switch. Still don't know....
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    Why is there this mentality that it has to be one or the other? Like Mac and PC? I like to have both! I like PalmOS, and I like Windows Mobile! Each has its positives and negatives. I have zero problem admitting that I use both, and have become OS-agnostic!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gjlowe View Post
    Why is there this mentality that it has to be one or the other? Like Mac and PC? I like to have both! I like PalmOS, and I like Windows Mobile! Each has its positives and negatives. I have zero problem admitting that I use both, and have become OS-agnostic!
    Heh. Amusing to me: I switched to Mac and now use a PC within my Mac via Parallels. I switched to WM and occasionally use PalmOS within WM via StyleTap.

    ...and yes, for kicks, I have had my Mac running Parallels/WinXP, controlling my WM phone within that, running Styletap within that.
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    Long time Treo user who recently switched to a Motorola Q. I couldn't be more thrilled with the Q... very stable, very powerful. I was particularly attracted to the multimedia capabilities of the
    windows mobile platform. i do feel that the smartphone variant of the win mobile os is more user firendly and "palm-like" than the pocket pc version.
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    I'm dating myself but I made the switch from a Palm Vx to an HP Jornada 568 back around the turn of the century and I can't imagine going back to the Palm OS. Granted I haven't experienced the Treo or some of the newer Palms but I haven't been impressed with the ones my colleagues have shown off. The hardware looks nice and I've been tempted by the 700w but the OS feels primitive. When I try a Palm based Treo I feel like I'm in a time warp headed in the wrong direction. WM5 is no nirvana but I believe its the best movile OS out there for now.

    ...Joe K.
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