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    I was a loyal Palm user for many years (and many devices). Like many, I both loved and hated it. Last year I was an early adopter of the Treo 700w. I agree that WM5 has a slow and clunky user interface. I also HATE having to boot my phone several times a day and reload it every few months (yes, I do add and remove programs frequently).

    Despite this, I do think my next device will be on the WM5/6 platform.
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    Treo 600-650-700p. Reason I was with them was because 1) form factor 2) great battery life. No loyalty to Palm OS, I just made it work for me, and very well it did. But once a reasonable (700wx) alternative came around, that was the end.

    Multitasking is just necessary, how can you not want to be able to answer an SMS and return back to the webpage you were reading instantly? Or do something else while our slow (yes EvDO doesn't necessarily Scream all the time) web pages render? It may not be as fast as Palm OS when loading programs, but the advantages far outweigh the other stuff. Call me again, Palm, when you can stream WMA in the background.. Jeebuz what year is it again?
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    Who says anything about permanent switching? I still use my Palm IIIxe on a daily basis. I like the PalmIII's keyboard and I find it easier to type. So I use that for typing notes while I have my windows mobile device (Axim x51v)record audio notes. It's complementary, not a switch!

    Though - when I first saw the Dell Axim I was floored at the sheer versatility of what was available.
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    I miss my T3 but the temptation of a phone & PDA combined with a usable keyboard was too tempting... now I use my HTC Wizard as the extension of my brain.
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    I've been through a series of devices. I started back when with a Palm III, then moved to a Palm m505 some number of years later. Even though I usually had it on me, I never really used it, though, since it was always really annoying needing to juggle two sets of contacts (since my phone always had separate information). My first converged device was actually the Hiptop in 2002 (aka Sidekick), then the colour Hiptop in 2003, and that actually worked surprisingly well... except that the platform was way too constraining, even though I was in the developer program. Although, I do have to admit that the keyboard on it is really nice. I then moved onto an Motorola MPx 220 in 2004, then an HTC Typhoon (Audiovox SMT5600) in 2005, then an HTC Apache (Sprint PPC-6700) in 2006, and I've grown to really like the Windows Mobile platform. It definitely has its quirks, but I'd have to say that it definitely works better for me than the alternatives that I've seen out there.
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    Is anyone on this list primarily using their WM device for PIM (calendar, contacts, tasks, etc) and phone, and not for e-mail and web?

    Because for PIM, I just can't understand why anyone would use WM. On my old Palm Tungsten C, I could have several years of appointments, phone messages (which I saved as tasks). The applications could be called up instantly, and can be searched instantly (and not just searching for a contacts name, but universal search, such as you can do with Google Desktop). I"m defining "clunkiness" very specifically here-- it's not just a feeling. I can time it. Plus syncing takes 5 minutes.

    Am I missing something (maybe there are no power PIM users on this list)?

    Or is the hardware (the Treo processor / memory) just too slow, and if so, what hardware makes WM as fast, handling as many records, as any Palm?

    (PS-- yes, I do a soft reset every morning, and only keep open the Calendar and Contacts applications-- I gave up on having Tasks open, took forever. At this point, I only keep 6 months of appointments, but have kept all my (over 1000) contacts, and all my (over 1000) tasks).
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    I miss Palm OS, but honestly I was bored with it, since it hasn't changed since my first Treo (600) all the way up to my 755p. I switched to WM Standard (WM Pro just doesn't work well enough with one hand for me to like it) and I love the device, and the OS is okay too. Not horrible, but not great. I like the newness of it to me, it doesn't feel like I'm using the same thing I've always been, and I love the hardware features on my q9c, but overall my opinion of the OS is just average. (Also, I miss Chatter Email, none of the WM email apps work to my liking, though if I had an exchange account that would be different.)
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    I had Visor/Tungsten/Treo650 and used Palm OS for 10 years. I loved its simplicity and loved how many free applications existed. I agree with ftchang that it was great for PIM. I have about 500 contacts and lots of calendar entries. I periodically clean those out. Treo 650 was barely adaquate for the web but was pretty good for e-mail. Hoever, every couple months or so it would spontaneously lose my entire e-mail account and any messages that I had saved on the device.

    I was very hesitant about moving to WM but am overall happy with the switch. 3G useage on ATT with BJII is much swifter. PIM useage is not quite as nimble for me but is just fine. I was surprised how easily I transitioned to a non-stylus, non-touchscreen input with WM Standard. My biggest complaints are: 1)inability to replace my beloved Scrabble game. I actually bought it a couple years ago after using the freeware Niggle for a while. 2)inability to highligh and copy/cut/past blocks of material 3)a lot less and a lot less quality freeware out there (board games etc.) I have less applications than before despite the fact that I have a lot more memory with which to work. Its also a little harder to find things. The palm OS made it very easy to find things. Windows is windows. In any case, I find the BJ II with WM standard to be a very powerful device that is more than adaquate for PIM and much, much better for communication (especially when WM 6.1 returns threaded texts that I had with Palm) and the web.
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    My switch experience happened in Jan 2007.
    I bought a Honda with two in-laws that are teamsters. Not a good experience.

    Oh you meant phone wise.
    went from a lightning fast os (palm) that crashed, couldn't multitask, looked like something Zack Morris (you guys know) would use, etc.

    Went to wm 6 standard and haven't looked back. No more touchscreen needed for me.
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