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  • Awesome! Greatest thing since sliced bread. Best phone ever!

    14 18.92%
  • Pretty darn good. Worth keeping until the WM6 version comes out, then I'll get me one of those.

    34 45.95%
  • Needs a bit of work, but a valued addition to my phone collection.

    18 24.32%
  • Mediocre. Released too soon. I should have waited for an iPhone V3.0.

    4 5.41%
  • WTF was I thinking when I bought this?! Voice Command 1.5 in the ROM? Geez.

    2 2.70%
  • I've already thrown the bloody thing out my car window.

    2 2.70%
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    Do tell! Knowing a bit about your configuration would be nice too.
  2. jahesh's Avatar
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    I'm not running anything fancy, just the latest Vodafone firmware. Synching with Outlook 2007, Activesync 4.5. Have tried a Jabra JX10, a Jawbone, various other headsets. Nothing makes me happy.

    I'll wait for 1 more ROM release. If that doesn't make the bluetooth VC work correctly, I'm tossing it.
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    Treo 750v here syncing with 4SmartPhone's hosted exchange server.

    All things considered it's no more or no less stable than my previous WM5 device (HTC Prophet).
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    It's a great phone with its own quirks.
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    Cingular 750 for 2 months now. I've had 0 problems and it has been very stable. I love this thing. I do wish there were a few things better (sort of a wish list for the next version):
    1)Faster processor. Just a tad under powered for multitasking. The 8525 certainly could handle everything I threw at it.
    2)320x320 screen... I understand the OS limitation, let's hope with WM6 we'll finally get it on the next Treo.
    3)No Wifi. I really miss this feature that was on the 8525. Lame it doesn't have it.
    Treo 750 (AT&T)
    Treo600->Treo650->Cing8525->Blackberry 8700c->Treo750->AT&T Tilt->Treo750->iPhone 3G
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    Unlocked not branded GSM, works very good and stable! No problems at all, except for some relearning a device; have been using PalmOS up to now.
    A range of models > Then came the Treo 650 > Treo 680 > Treo 750
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    This thing is friggen awesome. Other than the SD disappearing and occasionally having to reset it to get the radio on this thing is flawless Two software quirks,thats nothing. Absolutely the best pda/phone Ive ever owned.

    My Treo wx was 100% free of OS quirks but the improvements to the 750 with its thinner body, non-protruding antenna, concave sides and firmer hard buttons, it feels like a better device.
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    Cingular 750, been running great the times I was using it. No quirks or issues other than the not so great battery life and I'm not even using it as a phone. Its sitting in the drawer right now and using my BB8800 for emails. I'll wait til WM6 comes out and see how much of an improvement there is. Can't wait for HTML emails!
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    Even the shape of the 5way, lets all just stop and take a look at it,,,,,,,,,, wow didn't they do a great job on that
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    MY ONLY ISSUE IS MY TREO 750 doesn't like my TRANSCEND 4 GIG MINI_SDHC card
  11. GMJeff's Avatar
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    I have the Cingular model and love it. I also had the 650 , and that is what sold me on the form factor. I did have to exchange my first 750 because of a bad speakerphone, but my second one seems to be rock solid. Even with some registry hacks.
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    Compared to the TyTn which looks/feels like it was designed by a committee, the Treo 750 is a breath of fresh air and a beauty to behold.

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