Cannot Connect. End the current phone call, and try again.

Hello all -

I posted this message in hardware, but I was suggested that it seems like a synchronization problem, so I figured I would post it here.

I am getting the following message while on a phone call.

"Cannot Connect. End the current phone call, and try again."

Anyone else getting this message on the phone?

I use my phone pretty heavily as well as my data. I originally had my phone syncing 'As Items Arrive' in the Schedule from Activesync. Then I changed it to 10 minutes, but I still get this message almost every phone call.

It happens while I am on the phone, the message pops up, and I have to respond to the message before I can do anything else. This is rather annoying especially if I want to answer call-waiting, speakerphone, or even enter in additional digits (like an extension)

Any suggestions?