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    Hi, does anyone know a way to default the calendar view to "Month", it remember the previous view I had e.g. day, week..but I would like it to be default to Month first all the time.

    Also, in the month view, what key to navigator between the days ? It seems to me that none of the keys does that.

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    Hi...I noticed the same thing. Wonder if this is just a quirk that can be fixed with a setting or if Palm maybe didn't think of adding the 5way navigator for this for on the Calendar. I posted a thread as well, a little while ago before I saw this one, I can't seem to use the navigator for going between appointments or different hours on a day view, it seems to jump around, skipping about 8 hours or so. Are you experiencing the same thing as well?
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    How about you guys replacing the default PIM app with something like Agenda One? Take a look, play around with the trial. AO does a great job of improving the one-handed experience.
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