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    Okay, I don't know if any other users have this problem but there are certian times in which I would like my phone to be on and I need the phone to be completely silent. So I am looking for an application which will kill the vibrate function completely. It is too annoying to have to go through the settings and uncheck "vibrate when ringer switch is off" on known caller, unkown caller, missed call, voice mail, txt message, email message, etc.
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    I believe you can do this through the sound and notification settings if not then get yourself phonealarm from pocketmax, it offers up to 7 different phone profiles and I know with phone alarm you can have one of the settings complete silence no vibration or sound. Also with phone alarm to change the profile its only two taps from the today screen, one tap to open the profiles and one tap to select a profile. I myself have one setting that is complete silence for when i'm in meetings, I think they offer a free trial but it a inexpensive program anyway.
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