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    I am in the market to replace the stereo in my car, first because it has problems with playing CDs but also because I wanted bluetooth capabilities for use with my Palm.

    I dropped into BestBuy this evening to give the Sony MEX-BT5000 a try. I had upgraded my 700wx with the Hannip A2DP-enhanced bluetooth stack so my Palm should have been capable of pairing with the Sony both as a telephone device and streaming audio device.

    Bottom line is that the phone and the receiver worked flawlessly together. I could stream MP3 audio to the receiver without skips or dropouts. I could take calls on the Palm, the music pausing for both outgoing and incoming calls as expected. Music resumption was perfect as well. The audio quality was OK considering that I tested mostly 128k and 192k bitstreams.

    I was impressed with the phone sound quality however the showroom acoustics and noise levels are significantly different from the actual car environment so I cant pass final judgment. The price point is excellent as well. It is also possible to connect alternate sources such as an ipod through the supplied unilink and aux inputs or CD changer.

    I am seriously considering this unit myself. I also thought others would be interested in this small review.
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    - Robert

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