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    I don't believe I have seen these questions addressed - I'm using the treo version of TC, so my searching of the archives was somewhat limited.

    I only now started listening to music on the treo. WMPlayer has a few quirks that I would love to resolve:

    1) it forgets all about your playlist if you stop it mid song and go elsewhere on the Treo.

    It also defaults to viewing the library on the device itself rather than the SD card. Why would I ever set up a music library on the device internal storage?

    if anyone can answer these questions (bonus question is why I can only control WMPlayer and not iTunes via AVRCP in WinXP

    anyway, I am very happy with my 700wx+Plantronics 590a combo. highly recommended.

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    I wasn't aware you could get iTunes on a WM device...

    However, I would like to know why TCPMP does not play nice with BT controls either.


    You say you have a set o' 590s? I'm curious if your headset disconnects when idle and I'd also like to know if you get a high pitch distortion when listening to tunes.


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    I was actually referring to iTunes on a desktop machine (Asking that question in a 700wx forum is probably not the right place to start

    The 590s do disconnect A2DP when idle. However, all it takes is pushing the pause/play button to re-establish an A2DP link (if I have not linked to a different music device in the mean time). The hands-free protocol seems to be capable of re-establishing the link from either direction.

    I wish Windows Media Player had an option to "automatically try re-establishing A2DP link on play" - It is probably supposed to do so, but doesn't (Don't suppose this feature works for people with the original VZW wx, does it - if so, then there may be upgrades to WMP too?)

    Eventually, I will have to start looking into some of these scripting programs to see if I can write myself some macros that allow simple activation of the headset without going through the bluetooth menus. Ideally what I need is something that intercepts the dial/pickup button and attempts to do a quick re-connection to the headset. That way if my 590s decided they liked the blackberry better, the treo could force them to connect (Assuming the blackberry relinquished control).

    Finally, when I first got the treo I wondered whether the device could be programmed to act as a HSP/HFP device for other phones. The original argument went that this couldn't be done becuase of the way that the bluetooth stack was tied to the radio. Does the emergence of A2DP on the wx mean that other profiles could be added to the device?

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    So... Do you have any high pitch distortion when using your 590s with your WX? Also, what are your bitpool and Joint Stereo settings?

    I don't think different profiles can be added, per say. The reason A2DP showed up was because of a whole new BT stack. I think we would require another stack to get another profile.

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