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    I have been using PIE and find it is very frustrating to constantly encounter Java-enabled sites that are unusable in PIE. Can anyone recommend a solution? I tried Minimo but it locked up my 700wx, so I got rid of it.

    I see that Opera Mini is free--but does it work on the WX--does it allow use of Java sites?

    How is this different that Opera Mobile (other than this costs money)? I downloaded Opera Mobile on my old 700w (since replaced by my 700wx) but deleted it during the trial period, as it too locked up my apps and messed up my ability to open e-mail attachments.

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    I'm not sure if mobile browsers have the ability of showing Java. Opera Mini is actually a Java-based browser from what I read... so I think you need a Java machine to use it... not sure though.

    Have you tried Netfront? I think that's the other one I've heard about.
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    You may need to actually install Java (google for IBM IVE) on your phone.

    Also you may need to fool the website into thinking your phone's browser is IE6 - there is a registry hack for this, or you can download a program from Tirangle Powers (google it) ca;;ed "700wx hacks" which does it for you (and a whole lot more).

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