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    I'd like to use my Verizon Treo WX as an alarm clock while traveling; however, I discovered (much to my dismay this morning), that the alarm does not go off! I set the alarm under "Clocks and Alarms" last night! Can someone help?
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    had this problem before. It would work after a hard reset. I think Phone Alarm was breaking the Alarm function. In install of SBP Alarm would also fix the problem.

    ...i've just had way to many problems with Phone Alarm. Don't need the profiles, and it just takes too long to configure. my 2 cents. lot's of overhead also.
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    This has happened to me as well but I do not have phone alarm installed. Never had it... It's weird, once in a great while it will go off a hour earlier than I have it set for as well... just a rare occurance.

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