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    I just charged my 700wx up to 99% (that was high as it would go)...made a 2 hour phone call and checked email and it is now at that normal? what can I do to conserve battery power?
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    The 700wx shares other features with its 700p stablemate, such as a 1.3-megapixel camera, 60MB of dedicated user memory, an SD Card slot, and a hardware mute button. The 700wx has the ability to play music and video files, including PlaysForSure protected content. Both Sprint Treos lack built-in Wi-Fi, a persistent Treo complaint. Battery life is rated at over 5 hours of talk time and over 12.5 days of standby time.

    Talk time is rated at 5 hours... real world = 4.5 hours.

    So a 2 hour phone call should definitley take out nearly half of your battery life.


    If you spend 2 hours or more on the phone per day, you will need a car charger.
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    Did you have BT, (Bluetooth), turned on the entire time? That will significantly adversely affect your battery consumption as well..
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