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    How hard would it be to silence all vibrations? It's easy enough to silence all sounds (we have a hardware switch for that), but I'd like to silence all vibrations - including the ones from TreoVibe.

    This is so I can sleep undisturbed. Obviously I could turn off the radio and not get any incoming calls or messages, but alarms will still go off for appointments.

    Ideally, I'd like to end up with three modes on the phone:

    1. Normal, all sounds on as defined by the device in the settings for "ringer switch on".
    2. Sounds off - as defined in the settings for "ringer switch off."
    3. Complete and total silence. No sounds, no vibrations, not even from TreoVibe.

    I'd like to be able to get number (3) without having to set up for it in the settings = if I set everything "off" then I have to go back in and reset them one at a time.

    It seems to me the script would have to check for the existence of the TreoVibe.ini file and set it to inactive to stop the MyVibe.mscr script from running, and also read the current state of all sound/vibrate items and set them to "off" - and then reset them back on demand (or by timer, perhaps).

    If it could interrupt any command to vibrate that would be even better, but I am not sure Mortscipt can do that.

    What do you think? Too hard?
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    not too hard but would take some work.. most of the stuff that needs to be be modified in the registry is in HKCU/Control Panel..just would need to write different values at different times of the day...
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