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    Hi all,

    2 quick newbie questions here:

    Note: I am using the SIM for all my contacts, and am not planning on using the phone memory for it!!

    1. Incoming calls seems to come in as "unknown caller" even though the number and name are on my SIM. The caller ID is the same.

    2. There's a contact which comes up in "contacts" and in "sim manager" but if I put the name in on the home screen, doesn't come up. There are no special chars etc in the name, and the number is normal. Any ideas what this could be? I "think" all the other contacts are working OK.

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    Try to recreate that contact...That might help...
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    Check your entry and make sure you don't have a 1 before the area code. I ran into this as well. I went in and removed the "1" on each phone number. You don't need it to dial.

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