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    I tried ,just for fun, to see if Verichat still worked so I installed the trial that I had stored on my SD card and it work, I had a reg key so I used that and it registered and worked all day, then when I got up this AM the only thing that would connect was GoogleTalk. I was just curious to see if anyone else was using it or not. I figure that they have to keep it up and running at least until all the valid copies expire. It really bums me out cause the reason I dug verichat was that when it went dormant it used txt to recieve a message and it didn't eat up the battery like all other apps. Does anyone know of an am that uses txt anymore, other than using IM forwarding. I did find a cab file for the OZ messenger from the BlackJack and that works really well, but it uses text all the time, not just for wake up. Oh well, I am not trying to get flamed here, just asking if anyone was still able to use verichat.
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    mine's a no go
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    Mine is working but I have it saved on the phone versus the memory card. It also works on my 8125 with no problems.
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    Does anyone have the Oz Messenger cab? I'd really appreciate it.

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    mine works on and off. There are days when it connects to the servers and that are days, like today, when I can't get it to connect

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