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    i just purchased the NewPod skins from .. for the windows media player for the treo 700w... i have put the skin folders in Programs/Windows Media Player ... on the device.. but will not show up as a selectable skin when i try to switch skins... has anyone else ahve this problem.. thanks
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    even though the screenshots appear to be square, it says "Support both VGA (480x640) and QVGA (240x320) devices." If the .skn file does not say 'square' and '240x240' in it, then they will not show up as selectable in WMP.
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    Which one did you buy?

    NewPod-SQ Windows Media Player Skin 1.0 ( is the square one.
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    (oh, i just googled it and clicked the first link which was VGA/QVGA.)
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    This looks intriguing-- I'm especially interested in the album art that accompanies the tracks. Where is the art stored, and can you copy and paste from Amazon, the way you can with iTunes?

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