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    OK here goes,

    For anyone with lots of emails and attachments this is relevent. I have been trying for 3 days to work out storing the email, email attachments and internet explorer temopory files on the mini sd card. As most who try this know that windows does not play well and continues to create a new folder called storage card and displaced the actual storage card as storage card 2.

    This creates many problems. Any installed program will not work from the icon or shortcut as it points to the wrong place and the files intended to now be stored on the storage card are actually on a folder called storage card in the device root (not saving the intended space). In addition the new folder is locked by processes like active sync, ie, or the today screen messaging plug-in. Very problematic. There are lots of discussion about solutions from disabling the plug-in and manually hacking the registry. I have tried smart phone tweaker, tweaker 2k and direct registry edits. All of which do not help.

    The final solution I have discovered is as follows.
    01. Place the internet explorer temp files back on the device in the windows folder. This seems to be the biggest problem that locks the files. I do not do so much browsing that these files arevery big or add up quickly.
    02. Placed the emails back on the device in the windows sub-folder. As these are text and not html they do not take up much room.
    03. Now for the attachments. Mine are 37 MB! This is the meat of the problem. I went into the registry and only changed the AttachPath to the storage card and it worked. This saves me 37 MB on the device and does not yet force the new storage card/storage card2 problem.

    I have not included all the registry keys and paths as a quick Google search will bring them up.

    I just though people should know. What a pain in the rear, but now it is better.

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    Wow! I just discovered this issue today and almost threw the phone trying to figure out how to solve it.
    Every time I tried to create a single folder called "storage card" it wouldn't allow me to. I ended up deleting the apps that were on it and and practically starting over everything short of hard resetting the phone.
    Thanks for the tips.

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    Thanks graylion, I wish I had read your post earlier. Between this issue and the Goodlink taking over my phone, I have had to hard reset a few times.

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