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    Hello all, I just bought a Cingular treo 750 for $125 and wanted to inform you all how I accomplished that in case others are thinking of purchasing. Goto where there are selling the Treo for $225 print the ad, then take it into a Cingular store, and ask them politely to match the price, and then ask for the $100 mail in rebate. So far I am very impressed with this phone it seems way more stable than the 650 , I am liking WM 5, slingplayer works excellent.
    Few questions I have are which email client should I use?
    the included email client or xpress mail?
    is it possible to get email push?
    and if anybody has had any success pairing with a Parrot car kit?
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    I would encourage you to use an Microsoft Exchange account. If you don't already have access to one, purchase an account from a hosted exchange provider. There are many. Do a search for hosted exchange. I believe many people on this forum use Exchange push is excellent. Your email is sent and received in real time. Your contacts, calendar and tasks are always in sync.
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    I use 4smartphone and it works great. 2 computers and the Treo stay synced up flawlessly 24/7 across contacts, email, and calendar. Mail2web is also another exchange hoster and they have a free option too, though all your outgoing emails would go out from the domain instead of your own email account.

    From several threads, I've read that Expressmail is a big battery drainer since it is not true push. It's an option though.

    As for pairing with Parrot, check the palm website. They list the bluetooth car systems that the 750 is compatible with and I believe Parrot was one of them.
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    thanks for the advice there, even with the minor flaws, I think this is the best treo I have ever had.
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    Another lowcost exchange provider is 1and1. I think they are $7/mo for 1gb storage, full access via WM5 mobile, OWA, Outlook, etc.
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